Music Tuition, Music Publishing and Inset for Schools

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Music Tuition, Music Publishing and Inset for Schools.

The Gigspanner Group consists of Private Music Tuition, Lexana Music Publishing (LMP) and Music/IT based Inset for schools. The company is managed by AL Hodgson and is located in Weybridge, Surrey,UK.


Lexana Music Publishing

Lexana Music Publishing (LMP) was launched in Easter 2016 and products will be available for purchase from June 2016.

  • 20 Minute Musicals
  • Instrumental Tutor Books
  • Religious Music
  • Music Theory Tutors
  • Orchestra Music
  • Help with ABRSM Exams
  • Christmas Music
  • Nativities
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AL Hodgson is the driving force behind Lexana. During his teaching career it was not unusual to see AL sobbing into a glass of Chablis as yet again he was given poorly prepared professional musical resources. Invariably the only course of action would be to re-write/adapt/correct the source material leading him to wonder "why not just do it properly yourself?" Lexana Publishing is the result of those frustrating times....


Lexana INSET & Workshops for Schools

INSET should be entertaining :)

  • Jazz Up My Orchestra
  • Jazz Up My Choir
  • Internet Safety
  • Integrating Music IT in the classroom
  • Using Cobase and Sibelius
  • Top tips for all things Office
  • Top tips for all things Social Media
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Weybridge, UK

Phone: 07768 977800